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7 Signs You Have a BMW Ignition Coil Problem: BMW Car Repair near me Red Deer AB

BMW Car Repair near me Red Deer AB


BMW ignition coils are responsible for providing the spark to start your BMW engine.


Unfortunately, BMW ignition coils have a limited life and will eventually need to be replaced.

If you notice that your BMW is misfiring or running rough, there's a good chance one of the BMW coil packs has failed and needs service from a trusted BMW Car Repair near me, Red Deer AB, today.


Right here in Red Deer, Alberta, you can always rely on Alberta European Motorworks for your BMW ignition coils repair and service.

How does your BMW's Ignition Coil Works - BMW Car Repair near me Red Deer AB

The battery in your BMW is underpowered and can't produce enough volts to start the engine.


However, the ignition coil helps by amplifying its electricity before sending it through spark plugs into an otherwise powerless vehicle.


Unfortunately, this process happens every time you turn on your car. Over time, these coils will wear out, resulting in reduced functionality which may affect performance or even cause permanent damage.


Your vehicle's ignition coil is the heart of your BMW, and if this component fails, you may not be able to drive at all.

Signs that you have a BMW Ignition Coil Problem: BMW Car Repair near me in Red Deer, Alberta

Rough Idling

A rough idle is one of the first signs that an ignition coil has failed. When this starts happening, it's not just your engine running more roughly than usual-you'll be able to hear and feel some vibration too.


Loss of power

As a vehicle's ignition coil begins to malfunction, the amount of electricity it provides decreases. As a result, it can lead to lost horsepower and reduced fuel efficiency, which is one sign that your car might have an issue with its most crucial component.


Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Your car is suffering from low horsepower, and you can tell because it's using up more fuel than usual. Next, you should check the ignition coils used for starting your engine to see if they're malfunctioning due to an interruption in the current flow or dirt clogging one of its ports.


Engine Misfiring

Engine misfires and stalls happen because the ignition coil cannot produce enough energy to run your BMW engine. It can be somewhat dangerous, so if you notice a symptom, it's best for an expert automotive repair specialist in Red Deer, Alberta, to have it checked.


Check Engine Light On

One possibility is that the ignition coil in your BMW has failed, which would lead to decreased spark output and difficulties accelerating or starting when cold- starts missing while driving at slow speeds too--so you'll want to get this fixed ASAP.



Like an overheated engine, a faulty ignition coil may overheat and cause severe damage. Unfortunately, when this happens to a car with standard spark plugs or no melted metal on the roadsides- it's most likely because of ignored problems that have been going for too long.


Failure to Start

It's essential to know how your car operates, especially if you're an ambitious driver. For example, ignition coils can fail and cause many problems with starting the vehicle; this will happen less often as technology improves, but it still happens from time to time, so be aware of what caused that technical hitch.

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