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Aftermarket Warranty and Mechanical Breakdown Protection!

You’re about to sign on the dotted line for the car of your dreams when out of nowhere the sales rep asks you “now let’s look at some of our fantastic vehicle warranty packages” Fear grips you by the throat! Warranty? What does this mean? Every day car dealers across our country sell aftermarket warranty packages along with their fantastic vehicles. European car dealers are no different.The peace of mind warranty you get with a new car is terrific, no worries for 4 years (or more). Used cars can be purchased with extended warranty packages of your choosing. Let’s have a look at the pro’s and cons of these warranties: 1-not all packages are created equal, not all companies are created equal!  Ask questions about the companies but ask that question from an independent repair shop like ours who must work directly with those companies. Buying a package is far different from benefiting from them! 2-In our industry today, diagnosis is more and more ... read more