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Five Common Auto Repair Issues: Audi Repair Near You

Audi Repair


We understand your Audi maybe your prized car. The engineering behind this German-made vehicle is excellent that's why you love them, and so do we. However, they may still display a few common issues. Some problems aren't necessarily specific to Audi, but you should be fully aware of them and seek help from a reliable auto repair shop.


You don’t have to look further than the Audi car specialists at Alberta European Motorworks in Red Deer, Alberta, for Audi repair services. We can fix most of your Audi automotive problems with just a phone call away. Here are five of the most common Audi issues that we regularly see in our service shop your local Audi dealership may not tell you about.


Catalytic Converter Failure

Replacing the ignition coil or spark plugs is less expensive than replacing the catalytic converter and is another common Audi concern. Catalytic converters typically fail due to clogging or carbon buildup, which becomes solid and block the exhaust flow. You don't want to get stuck in the middle of the road and call for Audi roadside assistance for this.

When you bring your vehicle to us for repair, our technicians will not replace the catalytic converter of your Audi until they have determined the root cause of its failure. Just make sure to keep your engine under routine maintenance with the help of your trusted local Audi repairs.

Faulty Electrical Components

Customers have brought in their Audi for problems with the digital display, flashing lights, and tail lamps that fail prematurely. Our facility has the diagnostic tools to adjust and repair electrical issues. We can repair your vehicle and install Audi genuine parts, helping you save money in the long run.

Oil Leaks

Audi oil leaks are generally because of two components: the valve cover gasket and the camshaft tensioner.

If you bring your vehicle to our facility for auto repair services, we'll thoroughly check the oil system to ensure that the leak is found and fixed. Remember that a well-oiled car can last for many years and help you avoid costly repairs.

Ignition Coil or Spark Plug Malfunction

The most common mechanical issue with Audi vehicles is ignition coil failure. If your engine is misfiring, the ignition coil or spark plugs may be the cause. Misfiring spark plugs can cause other ignition parts to fail and cause the engine to fail. Contact us for quality auto repairs today!

Loose Fuel Cap

After refueling, make sure to tighten the gas cap on your Audi to fix this issue. Loose fuel caps are a primary culprit when it comes to low mileage. These minor details may appear insignificant, but they can significantly impact fuel efficiency and mileage loss.

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We specialize in European-made car repair. Call us today or schedule your appointment online on our website. We commit to the highest standards and best customer service in the automotive industry. Our mechanics can't wait to assist you and get your Audi repaired in no time.