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Command Start Installation in Red Dear, AB

A command vehicle starter can be extremely convenient for today’s modern driver. Imagine being able to start up your car with the click of a button to warm up your vehicle while you finish getting ready to leave. This can be especially useful in early mornings to get the heater in your cabin going, or to have the A/C nice and cold on a hot summer day before you enter your car.

While comfort is definitely a major factor when it comes to choosing to install a command starter for your vehicle, there are many other conveniences as well! This includes features such as opening your trunk remotely, unlocking or locking doors, setting off your car alarm, and more.

If you’re considering having a remote starter installed in your vehicle, look no further than the professionals here at Alberta European Motorworks in Red Deer, AB. Installing remote starters can be tricky, especially in intricate German and European vehicles. This procedure truly does require a specialist to perform since changing the wiring within your vehicle is needed. The professionals here at our shop can accurately perform the installation and ensure that you receive the features that you’re looking for.

  • We offer command start installation starting at $699 plus tax
  • Additionally, we offer two command start options: remote start and DroneMobile, which is a remote-less command start that works using your smartphone or smart device

When choosing a remote starter, you have options. Various brands will have different levels of transmitter power and range options available, which will determine how far away you can start up your vehicle remotely. We can help you choose the best option for your needs, and will only install the best quality remote starters to guarantee satisfaction.

Here are some additional add-on features for remote starters that you may consider:

  • Door lock and unlock
  • Trunk release
  • Panic button
  • Car locator
  • Extended range
  • Two-way paging to find out the status of your vehicle’s interior temperature, battery strength, etc.

DroneMobile installation is an extremely convenient option considering that you can start up your vehicle right from your mobile device. Once installed, all you need is a smartphone and an LTE connection to take advantage of the technology’s features. Of course, it includes starting up your vehicle from afar but also includes setting off your car alarm from an unlimited range. Additionally, you can create custom car alarm alerts to notify you of any vehicle security concerns and it has a find my car GPS tracking feature. This technology is compatible with more than just your smartphone as well - it works with smartwatches, tablets, desktop computers, and more.

While most drivers see command starting as a convenience, having your vehicle started up early on cold winter days can actually help improve gas mileage. It is also great for keeping you and your vehicle safer as well.

If you’re interested in having a command starter installed on your vehicle, the experts here at Alberta European Motorworks can help! Don’t hesitate to give our shop a call with any questions, or feel free to schedule an installation visit using our online appointment form today.