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Aftermarket Warranty and Mechanical Breakdown Protection!

You’re about to sign on the dotted line for the car of your dreams when out of nowhere the sales rep asks you “now let’s look at some of our fantastic vehicle warranty packages” Fear grips you by the throat! Warranty? What does this mean? Every day car dealers across our country sell aftermarket warranty packages along with their fantastic vehicles. European car dealers are no different.The peace of mind warranty you get with a new car is terrific, no worries for 4 years (or more). Used cars can be purchased with extended warranty packages of your choosing.

Let’s have a look at the pro’s and cons of these warranties:

1-not all packages are created equal, not all companies are created equal!  Ask questions about the companies but ask that question from an independent repair shop like ours who must work directly with those companies. Buying a package is far different from benefiting from them!

2-In our industry today, diagnosis is more and more key than replacing a part. Does the company pay for diagnosis? Only the real good ones do. Don’t be caught by surprise.

We have worked directly with many good companies and have had to refuse to work for some of the others.

3-Be sure you can control the quality of parts being used to repair your dream car. Unfortunately, some of the “not so good companies” are resorting to supplying used parts? This is not acceptable.

4-Look at the different levels of protection closely. You will be offered simple drive train to the uber deluxe cover, everything package! Most of them have loop holes (unfortunately), leaks are an issue-be sure to get the gasket and seal package. Pollution control items are usually not covered either i.e. catalytic convertor, secondary air pumps; intake manifolds etc. some high cost items that are usually not covered.

5-Deductible-most policies have a deductible attached to it.


Our cars today are chalk full of technology, coverage on those is sketchy at best. It certainly pays to take a day or two to review the fine print with a local independent repair facility. Often as a sales ploy, the sale person will say “ok to get this deal done, how about I throw in a warranty”?  Always review and negotiate for a better package as they are most often the smallest and cheapest package that’s available. As a car owner or potential owner, it is your responsibility to have that new used vehicle inspected BEFORE you purchase it by an independent inspection facility like Alberta European Motorworks!

It is also your responsibility to research the Aftermarket warranty that is being offered, we would be more than happy to help you with that!

Most reputable car dealers will let you think about the plans for a period, take that opportunity to have ourselves or a local trusted independent review the packages with you, that way you will get the package that is best suited for you!